5 Benefits of Impact Windows

By October 20, 2014Blog
Hurricane Windows in Delray Beach can keep your home safe during infamous South Florida storms.

We should prepare ourselves to reduce the damage caused by hurricanes, droughts, floods, and storm surges. Like many natural disaster, the degree of disaster caused by hurricanes cannot be predicted. People who live in hurricane prone areas needs to secure their homes and offices before the hurricane strikes. Understanding the hurricane season and preparing for them before hand, can help reduce the damages caused by the hurricane. The best way to secure your home is by installing high-quality impact windows. There are manufacturers who provide impact windows and doors in Florida as well as products like high quality impact glass and accessories in Delray Beach at affordable rates.

1. Security Keeping in mind the security needs, homes and companies invest on durable windows and doors that offer 4 year-round hurricane protection. Windows undergo impact resistant test, to ensure maximum protection. Impact windows made from bonding a tough interlayer between two pieces of glass allows solid defense against lashing winds and hurricane storms. Properly installed hurricane windows prevents burglars from breaking in.

2. Energy Efficiency High insulation of these impact windows reduces the energy costs. Investing in a cheap and poor quality windows means spending more money on energy bills due to the greater heat flow from outside. One time investment on energy efficient impact product is a wise move. There are companies who offer impact resistant windows and doors that are stylish, functional and energy efficient.

3. UV Protection Carpets, home furnishings and wood exposed to sunlight coming from windows eventually fades and looks old. Safeguard brand new furniture, carpets and curtains by installing impact windows. High quality hurricane windows and doors can offer up to 99% UV protection.

4. Save Your Insurance Premium If your home is completely protected with impact resistant doors and windows, the insurance company gives you discounts on the premium amount. Some companies offer discounts up to 40 %, which means further money savings. According to Florida Statute 627.0629 for housing properties, all insurance companies should give you insurance discounts if your home is protected against windstorms.

5. Noise Reduction Homes are places to calm yourself and relax, but with annoying loud noises from the neighborhood and nearby places can destroy the tranquility. Impact windows prevents these external sounds from entering your home. With all these additional benefits, homeowners should invest on hurricane windows. Before confirming the manufacturer, identify the companies that offer hurricane windows at reasonable rates.

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