Are You Hurricane Protected Yet?

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Hurricane Windows Florida

Isn’t your house hurricane protected yet?

It is strange that houses located in hurricane-prone areas are not built to withstand hurricane force winds. Investing in innovative home designs that can withstand wind speeds of 75 – 150+ miles per hour is not the only solution for buildings to survive destructive storms and floods. Homeowners can do more and feel more secure in terms of hurricane preparations like installing hurricane proof garage doors and hurricane straps to hold the roof to the walls of the building, to purchasing a good insurance coverage plan, and making an evacuation plan. Understanding if you have made the right investment for protecting your house before the hurricane approaches is very important.

Your house is hurricane protected if it adopts a custom hurricane resistant design.

Architects and designers are working hard to provide practical designs for building owners. Home designs featuring dome shapes and use of materials such as metal and concrete can withstand extreme weather conditions.  Houses built on elevated levels limit the water from entering the house. Homeowners can also renovate their house with hurricane protection designs.

Your house is hurricane protected if it is installed with Impact resistant doors and windows.

A search for Florida impact windows and doors on the internet will give you plenty of results. The large supply for quality impact resistant doors is ample proof for the willingness of people to take effective hurricane protection steps. When you purchase impact windows for your Florida home, you are half-way there to protecting your family and home from surging winds and rain.

Your house is hurricane protected if it is installed with following items:

Hurricane shutters: It is the most economical solution, as it effectively protects structures of the building by preventing windborne debris from entering inside the property.  Additionally, hurricane shutters are convenient to install and use, and they provide long-term protection.

Garage door: Garage is the most vulnerable opening of any property and it needs to be hurricane protected.  Ensure that the garage door is hurricane rated or take additional steps to secure the garage door.

Secure with bolts and straps: It is necessary to protect all the major openings of the buildings with head and foot bolts. It is sensible to use hurricane straps or clips to hold the roof to the walls of your home. Using panels and plywood can provide additional security.

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