Choose the Right Hurricane Protection for Your Home – A Brief on Window Selection and Different Types of Windows

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If you live in Delray Beach, you need to invest in high quality hurricane windows and doors.

The extent of damage caused by hurricane winds to your home depends on the safety measures you take. If you are living in hurricane prone areas, you should plan and prepare for hurricane protection before the hurricane season. If your windows fail to offer the required protection, the water and wind will easily enter your property and will lead to massive destruction, not to mention the possible safety hazards to the family members. Hurricane windows can alone protect from strong winds and windborne debris. In order to pick the right hurricane protection for your home, search for impact doors south Florida and impact windows south Florida and choose products from reliable manufacturers. Make arrangement for installing them, as improperly installed windows can lead to water and win intrusion.
Window Selection
Quality and pressure ratings should be considered while you choose hurricane windows. All the window openings, especially the large ones should be secured with the impact resistant glass. Although, there are several ways to protect your home from hurricane, impact rated windows will provide the best protection. Once installed, they are in place and you need not put up every time the hurricane hits. Before purchasing, consider the different options available in the market.
Single Pane
Single pane windows come in one piece of glass in the frame. Earlier, these windows were in use, but now they are being replaced by thermally efficient double pane windows.
Double Pane
As the name suggests, they include two pieces of glass with an air gap in between to ensure optimal protection. Double pane windows are designed in such a way that it provides better insulation, noise reduction, and UV protection. Don’t expect double pane windows withstand hurricane storms independently. They require additional protection just like single pane glass to ensure the strong winds.
Laminated Glass Windows
Constructed with two pieces of glass that sandwiches a sheet of clear polyvinyl butaryl (PVB) plastic laminate, laminated glass windows are unlikely to shatter. If the glass layers breaks, don’t worry, they remain bonded to the laminate and this prevents the glass from shattering. Like double pane laminated glass alone cannot offer the required protection against windborne debris.
Impact Rated Window Systems
For those who are looking for optimal protection, choose Impact rated window systems that are constructed by combining laminated glass and reinforced window frames. Tested and designed to protect against extreme wind pressure as well as from windborne debris, they offer comprehensive protection for your home. Although all impact resistant windows are laminated glass systems, not all of them are impact rated.

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