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Although the housing market is improving, many people in South Florida have chosen to remain in their homes and upgrade, rather than sell. Whether it’s a longtime dweller or a property virgin, the question remains the same: What company can be relied on to do the best job at the best price?

There are a lot of good choices out there, but if you want a great choice, call A-Christian Glass in Delray Beach.

Don’t go on information overload browsing line after line of listings in the Yellow Pages. One call to these glass and door experts makes life a lot easier, and it will be easier on your budget too.

“People get tired going from place to place,” says Ron Dable, vice president of A-Christian Glass. “They want a someone they can depend on. They want a good product, they want to be treated fairly and they want responsive service. That’s our company, plain and simple.”

Considered one of the finest glass and door companies in South Florida, A-Christian Glass is stable and reputable, with a proven track record. Its anchor manufacturers include some of the most prestigious names in the industry — PGT, IWC, EuroTech, Jeld-Wen, and CGI.

A-Christian Glass has developed outstanding working relationships with its various manufacturers, which gives it an edge in purchasing power. “Nothing is better than a great product at a great price point,” Dable says. “I negotiate monthly with our manufacturers to try and secure greater discounts. Negotiating on behalf of the consumer makes us that much stronger.”

New products:

Our new Italian-made windows by Korus is one of our newest lines that we are introducing to the market. This line offers wood clad on the interior and 32 colors at no extra cost.

“We are very excited with our newest member of windows and doors, with prices that are un-believable”, says Dable.

Innovation and technology that is always ahead of our competitors is one of the reasons of our success.

Energy-efficient products

Gas prices are keeping everyone guessing, so the last thing needed is an energy bill that takes on a life of its own. Energy-efficient windows from A-Christian Glass keep your costs down, and your home cool. Choosing their great products will save you hundreds of dollars in the long term.

Today’s impact-resistant windows are made bigger, better and stronger. A-Christian Glass remains steps ahead of the competition because of a diverse product line. In addition, installers use durable, long-lasting Sikaflex caulking and Elco tapcons that are the best in the industry. “We factory-paint them to match the window selection,” says Dable. “They won’t discolor, and they’ll look great for years to come. I don’t know too many companies that go to that extreme.”

A priority of the company is to deliver on what it promises, and to always be upfront and honest with its customers. “We are confident in our ability as a company to meet the needs of anyone, whether it’s residential or commercial,” says Dable. “There are never any hidden costs, or hidden agendas.”

Experience and customer service

The majority of employees at A-Christian Glass have between 15 to 20 years of experience. That combination of knowledge and skill is rare. “We have been in business since 1984, and from day one our goal has been to exceed customer expectations,” say Dable. “We’ve been able to do that because the people we hire are skilled, they are hard workers and do whatever it takes to meet our customers’ needs. That is the foundation of our success.”

The company does go the “extra mile” to please customers. “One of the most common questions I get is ‘what can you suggest?’” says Dable. “I show them glass A, B and C and explain the benefits, and many times we will end up using all three on the project; most companies are content to provide one option. We give multiple options.”

Top products, great savings

According to Dable, the pricing at A-Christian Glass is many times 30 to 40 percent less than product pricing at Sears, Home Depot or Lowe’s.

“You go to Home Depot for wrenches and ratchet sets, but we are window people. It’s what we do every day; it’s what we specialize in –– and we never compromise quality,” Dable says.

Industry-wide, things are looking up. “There is definitely a lot more movement in both the residential and commercial markets,” says Dable. “There are many positive signs out there; I know our sales are up over this same time last year.”

The client list is also impressive, as it includes the Marriott Hotel, The Promenade in Coconut Creek, F.A.U., Delray Racquet Club, Wyndham Hotel Deerfield Beach, Bermuda Cay, The Aragon, St. Andrews County Club, Loews Hotel and various luxury homes.

“Every job is important, but we don’t look at a $1 million job any different than that of several hundred dollars,” says Dable. “Our goal is to provide the best possible product at the best possible price.”

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