A Complete Guide to Hurricane Impact Windows

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Hurricane Windows Florida

If you live in Florida, you must certainly be aware of the importance of having proper protection for your doors and windows because of the frequent hurricanes that hit its coast. For several years, homeowners resorted to shoring up their doors and windows with plywood whenever a storm was imminent. But today, that is slowly changing as more effective and convenient ways are available. In certain places, building safety codes also do not allow plywood to be used as hurricane protection.
The best methods you can use to ensure safety of your doors and windows during hurricanes is 1) Using metal, reinforced plastic or fabric shutters, or 2) Using impact resistant glass.
Of these, Impact Windows Florida may be a little more expensive but they are extremely convenient. This is because you don’t have to allocate storage space for them like you need to do for shutters, and you don’t have to have any extra fittings like channels, bolts or anything else to keep them in place. Hurricane windows offer continuous protection from flying debris, and also allow light to enter your home.As the windows are a structural part of the house, they will not be so easily pulled off by strong winds.
You can simply choose to have all the windows in your house to be made from impact resistant glass and have strong frames, so that you just have to shut them if a storm is on the way.
Hurricane windows Florida are mainly of two types:
The first type is made of several layers of PRB or polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between two glass sheets. this is then tempered at 400 degrees F for fortification. These windows can resist small projectile impacts

The second type is designed to resist larger projectile impacts and is called PET laminated glass or glass clad polycarbonate. These windows are usually attached to the frame with structural silicone sealant.

Whatever the type, impact resistant windows are usually paired with sturdy frames to ensure structural strength and stability and adequate protection from projectiles.
Today’s impact resistant windows have developed to the extent of being capable to resist category 5 wind conditions and its accompanying flying debris. As such, the windows will remain in place and not allow air to rush into your home and cause a rapid increase in the internal pressure, which can happen if you don’t have adequate protection for your doors and windows.
Remember, nothing is more precious than your home and the lives of yourself and your family. Give them all the best protection you can, every time. If you want the best hurricane windows in Florida for your home, just get in touch with us and we will do the rest!

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