Different Styles of Hurricane Windows

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Gone are the days when people used to fix plywood boards and other stuff to protect their windows from the onslaught of hurricanes. Hurricane windows have now become a necessity, especially in places like Florida, where cyclones are a common occurrence. And these windows have themselves evolved over the years and are now very advanced and stylish. You have different styles of hurricane windows that suit different types of buildings and different purposes.

Some common styles of hurricane windows are as follows:

  1. Slider Windows: These windows can be opened and closed by rolling them horizontally on a sturdy frame. These windows throw in a lot of light and are used to cover large spaces. Sliders come in many sizes and some of the large ones have a fixed picture window in the center with 2 sliders on each side. There are also slider windows which come with single sliders, twin sliders, and even three sliders.

  1. Double Hung and Single Hung Windows: Double hung and single hung windows look alike, the difference being that double hung windows can be moved upwards and downwards while in single hung, only the top part of the sash can be moved. Double hung windows can also be tilted in and out. Thus, double hung windows are suitable for dusty areas as these windows make cleaning very easy.

  1. Casement Windows: Casement windows operate on a crank handle. The window is hinged on one side and the other side opens out. This type of window offers maximum ventilation. Casement windows have other types called hopper windows and awning windows. The working mechanism is the same, but hopper windows open from the top and awning windows open from the bottom. Hopper windows are best for basement applications.

  1. Fixed Glass Windows: As the name suggests, the glass in these windows is fixed and cannot be moved.

In addition to the above, hurricane windows come in different colors too like gray, bronze, blue and green.

If you are in a fix as to what kind of Florida impact windows and doors suit your building, you need not worry. All you have to do is give us a call at 561-278-3385. Our experts will guide you on what choices to make and help you with customized solutions for hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Florida.

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