Expert predictions for hurricane season 2015

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Florida Hurricane Windows

Before the hurricane season approaches building owners should take effective measures to keep their building secure. Don’t wait for the storm to hit to think about hurricane preparation. Hurricane preparedness activities should be done way before that.  In order to help you get ready for the hurricane seasons, here are some expert predictions for hurricane season 2015.

The Atlantic hurricane season begins from June 1 and lasts till November 30. The peak of the hurricane season occurs between early August and end of October. Hurricanes coming from the Atlantic can affect areas along the Southeast coast, all of Florida, and along the Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle to Texas. Since, 40 percent of storms hit Florida, there is no reason why people in Florida shouldn’t adopt hurricane preparedness activities. Home owners in these hurricane prone areas should make sure their properties are hurricane protected. All the major openings of the home should be secured with hurricane windows and doors. Make sure to purchase from companies that manufacture high quality Florida Impact Windows and Doors.

Hurricanes are slow travelers, but the moment you hear hurricane warnings you should be ready with an emergency plan and finish last minute preparations. Along with storms, heavy rains, landslides and flash flooding can occur during this season.

Based on the historical weather records, a typical year will bring 12 tropical storms with continuous wind surges of 39 mph. Among the 12 tropical storms, six turn into hurricanes with winds reaching 74 mph or greater. Standard window shutters or doors cannot withstand the gushing storm, and the tornadoes and microbursts. Hurricane cause catastrophic damage to several hundred miles inland, and installing Impact doors and windows is an effective hurricane damage prevention measure.

Major forecasting agencies make correct predictions and their forecasts are usually on target. However, during the hurricane seasons look out for storm updates and warnings.


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