It seems that these days, insurance premiums are continuing to grow. But in South Florida, you can’t afford to leave your home or business susceptible to damages without insurance. So, you may be looking to lower your premiums. At A-Christian Glass, we know the secret to lowered premiums isn’t lowered coverage. In fact, the secret is clear as day- it’s your windows! Do hurricane windows lower insurance premiums? Absolutely! With new hurricane windows and doors from our team at A-Christian Glass, you can qualify for some major premium reductions.

If you’ve never treated your home or business to hurricane windows or doors, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Our team at A-Christian Glass has engineered the strongest windows and doors to protect your property from hurricane and storm damage.

Our polyvinyl butryal or PRB windows include a tough vinyl that’s sandwiched between two panes of glass. These windows are tempered at 400 degrees to create a tough bond that resists many projectile impacts. For even stronger resistance, many of our customers choose our glass clad polycarbonate, or PET windows. These windows are attached to the frame with a tough silicone sealant that helps your windows resist larger projectile impacts.

While added strength is an important part of your new hurricane windows or doors, our team at A-Christian Glass knows that beauty is an important factor as well. We can design and install incredibly durable hurricane windows and doors that enhance the style of your home or business. With different designs, frosts, colors and patterns, you’re sure to find your dream design.

With new hurricane windows and doors, you’re protecting each and every opening of your home or business. This structural strengthening helps many home and business owners qualify for discounts and credits on their insurance premiums. In this sense, new windows and doors from our team at A-Christian Glass can pay for themselves!

The savings don’t stop there, though. New hurricane windows and doors are built differently from your traditional coverings, and these new installations bring added strength to your home. The tough inner-layer of our sturdy class impact windows can help block out harmful UV rays from your home or business. They can also keep the sun from overheating your home or business, along with keeping your expensive cooled air inside. So instead of letting your heating and cooling out the window, you’re keeping your treated air inside, where it belongs.

There are many benefits and savings that come along with our high quality windows and doors at A-Christian Glass. Many people choose our products for the enhanced styles while others are impressed by the added strength. For budget conscious shoppers, new windows and doors from our team at A-Christian Glass are an investment that pays for itself. Whatever your reasoning, trust in the best hurricane windows and doors. Call on our team at A-Christian Glass for all your home and business protection needs.