If you live or own a business in South Florida, it’s important to know how to protect your home or business from high winds, tropical storms and hurricanes. Instead of leaving your home and contents vulnerable to the elements, impact doors, also known as impact rated doors or impact-resistant doors, can offer added protection. Not only do these doors add a good amount of protection from storms, they also help with sound proofing, security enhancement and even better overall energy efficiency.

Selecting an Impact Door

The three main considerations that you will need to look at will be the appearance, cost and of course the convenience of any impact doors you have installed. Take a moment to realize that you are not just keeping the dangers of broken glass to a minimum but you are also helping to keep your roof from blowing off entirely. When a hurricane or high winds hit, they can break the windows, push through the doors and blow air into the house forcefully which can in turn cause a lifting of your roof. This is how roofs are essentially blown off in any sort of high wind situation.

While you can always outfit your home with plywood shutters for storm protection, there are both positives and negatives that come along with them. Though plywood is the most inexpensive way of protecting your doors and windows you will have to storage and installation are things to keep in mind. If you have a two story home, installing the plywood shutters can be a difficult task even if you hire a professional.

Impact Door Installation

Permanent installation of impact doors or shutters is a great way to go if you want a solid way to protect your home or business. While they may be more expensive initially, you are giving your home an extra level of protection that is priceless. Talking with a professional installation company about the right high impact doors for your home will help you to make the best possible decision to protect your home.

As a homeowner, you may also find that aesthetics will play a major role in your decision for impact doors and window protection. Even though it may be a heftier investment initially, you can take the time to pick out a method of protection that will be incredibly sturdy while still giving your home a look that you are happy with. All in all, it will be a matter of shopping around and making sure that you are going with a company that has a reputation for a quality product as well as installation that is second to none.

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