South Florida is known for its extreme weather conditions. Each year hurricane season brings with it uncertainty and fear. With proper preparation however, the impact of these high powered storms can be minimized. As with any situation, having a safety plan in place prior to the occurrence can make it easier both during and afterwards.

In hurricane prone South Florida, one of the best forms of homeowner protection are impact windows. In past decades, residents were forced to board up all of their windows in anticipation of a storm. Not only does this eventually weaken the structural integrity of the surrounding area, it is time consuming and unattractive. Using high quality impact resistant windows ensures that your home is prepared long before a hurricane is headed to the region.

Impact Window Installation

Having impact windows installed will help to protect your business or home. It is not always feasible to leave the area when a storm is approaching. Some may not have a viable place to go outside of the storm area. In addition, roads often become congested with people attempting to leave the region. Having good storm windows and doors protects the entire site, including valuables which may not be transportable on short notice.

Hurricane windows are available in several different styles. This means that there are choices to compliment the decorative style of virtually any home. Attractive and functional, the protection provided by them is invaluable.

Impact Windows Offer Safety and Security

After undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that water and air contaminants can not infiltrate them, these windows are also checked for their other security features, such as keeping out burglars. Knowing that storm windows can protect against extreme weather and thieves encourages many homeowners to invest in them.

Some homeowners and businesses prefer to use them in conjunction with hurricane shutters. Having multiple layers of protection is wise, especially for those who will not leave the area when a hurricane threatens to hit. The shutters are available in a multitude of designs, including those that work with and without electricity.

If you are a homeowner looking to protect your Florida home from the potential damage caused by a hurricane, you need to consider replacing all of your windows. The amount of money you invest is minimal when you consider the potential costs of water damage that may come to your home.

We are more than happy to consult with you to assess the needs of your home or business. Figuring out the best methods of protection will give you peace of mind as hurricane season approaches. Doing everything that you can to make your home safe is an essential and responsible part of owning your home. We are here to help you keep your home, family, and belongings safe. Call us today and we will set up an appointment to discuss your needs when it comes to protecting your home. Do not hesitate to let us help you.

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