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Impact Doors Ft Lauderdale

It’s near impossible to predict how and when a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake can affect your life. It can happen to anybody at any point in time. The only thing you can do is to be prepared for any eventuality and investing in Impact windows and doors could be a wise thing to do if you’re living in Florida or Ft Lauderdale. Hurricane windows or Impact windows don’t just provide you protection from wind storms or hurricanes. They also shield you and your family from unprecedented attacks or burglaries.

Enhance The Value of Your Home

Installing impact windows and doors can enhance the value of your home in so many ways. Apart from providing you with protection from storms, external attacks, and climate shifts, your windows can actually enhance the comfort factor of your home. They keep the internal climate of your home stable and help you to cut down on energy bills. There are plentyof Florida Hurricane Windows dealers providing high quality Energy-Star certified windows that have been manufactured to meet the most current federal environmental standards.

Additional Incentives

Investing in Hurricane windows and Impact Doors for your Ft Lauderdale home can provide you with financial incentives as well. The US government provides incentives for installing energy-efficient products in homes or business establishments. Insurance companies offer attractive premium discounts that could range anywhere from 20% to 45% provided you install impact windows and doors for your whole house. This essentially cuts down the cost of installation of your hurricane windows and doors.

Tax Incentives

Home owners are also eligible for tax credits when they install Energy Star-certified windows and doors for their home. To receive tax benefits, the Energy Star-certified impact doors and windows need to be installed in the time period between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2014. In such a scenario, a homeowner is eligible for tax credit that comes to around 10% of the product cost. To know more about the benefits and tax rebates associated with installing energy efficient Impact Doors for your Ft Lauderdale home, just visit www.iris.gov.

So, why wait? Get in touch with a reliable dealer in Florida Hurricane Windows and doors today and take advantage of the attractive incentives to protect your home and family from unprecedented attacks.

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