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To maintain the protection of impact glass windows and to ensure a clean and spotless appearance, proper maintenance of the glass is necessary. Impact windows in Florida actively protect houses and buildings from getting damaged during hurricanes and even from burglars, with their double glazed glass panels.  However, like any other glass product, impact glass windows are susceptible to dust, dirt particles and other residues. You do not want anything in your house to be dusty and ugly. To ensure longevity of impact glass windows, you should clean them regularly. In fact, you can easily make sure your windows are neat with a few simple steps.

 Soak the glass surface

Firstly, soak the glass surface with water to wash away any loose dust particles. This will make the glass clean to an extent.

 Prepare cleaning solution

Next, you have to rinse with a cleaning solution. Keep in mind that the glass of your impact glass windows has to retain all of its qualities even after the cleaning process. For this, it is best to NOT use any strong or abrasive cleaning solutions. Also avoid using vinegar or any industrial strength solvents.  It is best to go with a mild dish soap.

 Use mild soap and water to rinse

Before beginning to rinse, use the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous surface first. Only then try the solution on the impact window. Make sure you dilute the mild dish soap with water. Rinse the glass surface with the solution and a soft brush thoroughly.

Avoid scrapers; use a squeegee

In order to remove the cleaning solution, it is best to use a squeegee. Avoid scrapers, any abrasive pads, knives or razor blades since these could cause scratches on the glass. Do not leave any cleaning solution or water on the glass surface or else there would be stains. Lastly, wipe the glass with a soft cloth and check for any more debris.

Along with these steps, here are some tips to maintain your windows:

  • Always remove the loose dust and extra dirt on the glass before starting to clean.
  • Avoid cleaning your impact glass windows in direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave dust particles on the glass surface for long.
  • Make sure you clean the glass regularly.

 Cleanliness is a virtue. Ensure the long life of your impact windows in Boca Raton or other locations in Florida and protect your family and home, with minimal effort.

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