When a hurricane comes rolling through, the last thing anyone wants is to cover their windows and turn their home into a dark space. You want to see what’s happening outside! With older glass windows, this was never a possibility due to serious safety issues. But at A-Christian Glass, we’re working to make hurricane protection and clear views a reality. With our top quality impact windows in Delray Beach, you can protect your home without covering your windows! Our hurricane windows in Delray Beach bring certified impact resistance, keeping your home safe during any storm.

Hurricane windows in Delray Beach are a great investment for homes and businesses alike. These windows bring 24/7 storm protection, meaning you’ll enjoy damage resistance throughout the year. At A-Christian Glass, we work with top quality PGT windows and doors. These sturdy doors and windows are held in vinyl or aluminum casement, bringing beautiful style and sturdy construction.

So, what makes great impact windows in Delray Beach? Well, you count on hurricane and impact windows to be sturdy. At A-Christian Glass, our impact windows are the strongest around. We trust a multi-layered system for our hurricane windows in Delray Beach.

Impact windows are created by layering a sturdy membrane between panes of glass. The inner and outer layers of glass or vinyl create a perfect frame for the window’s inner-structure. The windows are strengthened with an inner-core of sturdy membrane that resists impacts, winds and damage. And if the exterior vinyl or glass is damaged, the inner layer prevents further damage.

Hurricane windows need to be sturdy, but they also need to look good if they’re going to be used 24/7. At A-Christian Glass, we only install the most beautiful hurricane impact windows in Delray Beach. Our windows look great for homes of all styles. In fact, they’re a great upgrade for your existing windows! Our hurricane windows look like your normal windows, but even better! That’s because our team at A-Christian Glass brings stylish designs into our installations, helping upgrade your property while adding serious storm protection.

Our hurricane windows are also great home security; they are not easily broken by the brute force many home intruders attempt to use. To learn more about all of the benefits of our impact hurricane windows in Delray Beach, call (561) 278-3385. You can also learn more about our impact windows and doors by visiting our online information pages by clicking here.

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