PGT windows
single hung window classic style

Single Hung

The single hung window is more of the classic style design which contains a stationary top panel and a bottom panel that opens and closes vertically. The single hung style provides convenience for cleaning by having the ability to tilt inward, which allows exterior cleaning.

horizontal roller window

Horizontal Roller

The horizontal roller contains two or three sashes side by side and is designed to open and close horizontally. Most options provide easy cleaning with the ability to remove operating panels. With the horizontal roller, you are able to experience a clear vertical view for an optimal visual.

french door window

French Door

The French door is an attractive addition to allow light into your home. Typical doors can darken rooms and obstruct outdoor view; French doors eliminate this issue and add style to your home. French doors can consist of a single door or a set of two panels that swing in or out and lock in the center.

sliding glass doors

Sliding Glass Door

Impact sliding glass doors are another great option to brighten up your home, while also proving security. Sliding glass doors typically consist of two of more glass panels what slide horizontally on upper and lower tracks.

Picture windows


Picture windows are a non-operable option to bring light into your home. Because these windows are non-operable, it allows the option to exceed the size of operable windows. Picture windows also have a range of shapes to choose from, from the typical square window to hexagons and trapezoids.

awning window


The awning window consists of a glass panel that opens outward by turning a handle. This option provides the greatest airflow, by allowing air in from three sides, with the least amount of effort to operate.

single hung window classic style

Double Hung

The double hung windows are made up of two operable sashes, both top and bottom. Each sash has the ability to tilt inward, just as the single hung, for effortless cleaning of the exterior. This window is available in vinyl only.