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By May 4, 2015Blog

Florida is more prone to hurricanes than any other state in the United States. Hurricanes wreak havoc causing damage to people and property and it has become imperative for building structures in and around Florida to have windows and doors that can withstand the impact of violent storms.

To decide the right kind of impact windows that suit your building structure, you need to be an expert at calculating wind forces and converting them to loading forces, and arrive at the exact load a wind at a certain speed imposes on your windows. This involves mathematical formulae and great understanding of expected wind speeds.

Instead of making such calculations and forecasting weather and wind speeds, it is practical and becomes easier if you have an expert to service you and help you find the right kind of doors and windows for your building. At ACG, we have an experience of 25 plus years designing hurricane windows of all forms and sizes and styles for both domestic and commercial living spaces. Be it exterior glass or interior glass, our professionals are well trained and equipped to serve you not only with windows that are sturdy but also the most up-to-date in style. Our reputation is proof of our obsession with quality and customer service.

Our customers have always come back to us and often bring back more referrals, thanks to our quality and wide range of window and door products namely French doors, sliding glass doors, bi-folding doors, entry doors, casements, fixed glass windows, single or double hung windows, and even more.

If you are looking for hurricane windows in Florida or impact windows in Fort Lauderdale, ACG has to be your first choice. With ACG’s protection, you can enjoy the hurricane season as just another season that comes by. Zero debris protection, zero noise, built to last a lifetime, unmatched after sales services are hallmarks of A-Christian Glass. To know more, feel free to call us at (561) 278-3385.

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