Storm Panels, Shutters and Hurricane Windows – Know the difference before you buy

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Hurricane Windows

Being a place that experiences frequent hurricanes, impact doors in Florida are an important consideration for any homeowner. There are several types of protection available for your  windows as well; so what will you choose? Check these out and decide based on your budget and required functionality:

Storm Panels: These are available in metal, fabric and plastic. Corrugated aluminum or steel sheets are strong, with individual panels overlapping for further fortification.  You can either have them bolted in place or install them on permanent tracks. Setup is relatively easy and it’s cost-effective, but takes up storage space.Corrugated polycarbonate plastic, or Lexan panels can also be similarly installed. They are expensive and need storage space, but are lightweight, easy to install, and allow light inside your home during a storm. Fabric panels, made from Kevlar or PVC coated fabric can be attached over windows and doors with straps, buckles and so on. They allow air and some light to enter your home, and can be easily folded and stored.

Shutters: These are structures that are placed outside the main windows and can be closed and locked during storms for protection. there are several types of shutters you can install like:
1. Roll Down – These pre-installed metal or PVC louver shutters are similar to the shutters one sees outside the gates of shops; they roll down automatically, sliding along the side tracks, and lock at the bottom.
2. Accordion – The are pre-installed and housed in a box at the window sides; you pull them to deploy, and they get locked in the center or to the neighbouring panel. This is easy to operate, but may look bulky.
3. Bahama: These pre-installed shutters can be used as shades in normal times, and locked down by pushing the supports out of the way during storms. You may need higher-end varieties to protect from flying debris.
4. Awning: Awnings provide shade, and during storms, you can pull them to fold down and fasten them to the wall.
5. Colonial: These are like extra windows which open outside; you and pull them inward to close and lock them down for storm protection.These are easy and decorative, but may need extra bars or rods.

Hurricane windows:  These are basically impact resistant (shatter proof) windows that are made of heavy duty, expensive glass and surrounded by strong frames, (made of vinyl, metal or wood) which are securely joined to the inner window header and frame. This can either be laminated glass ( a shatter-proof membrane sandwiched between two sheets of glass), or application of film to the window glazing; the former is sturdier and more durable.

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