Why Should You Invest in Insulated Glass Hurricane Windows?

By December 6, 2014Blog
Hurricane Impact Doors in Delray Beach can add style to your home while protecting it from storms.

One time investment on energy efficient glass windows gives you regular savings on energy bills. This is a clever way to save money and protect your home from destructive winds. Also known as double glazed windows and double pane windows, these windows are the perfect solution to reduce outdoor noises. When you purchase Florida hurricane windows check if they are insulated properly. Lower heat penetration, makes the insulated glass energy efficient. Besides, it ensures comfortable living during extreme climate conditions, outside.

It is necessary to install energy efficient impact windows for South Florida homes, as these areas are worst hit by hurricane storms. Coupled with the advantages of energy efficiency, noise reduction and UV protection, these windows caters to the diverse requirements of homes. To meet the demanding needs, the market features a range of high performance windows with insulating double- or triple-paned glass and low-E coatings have cut U-factor ratings. Whether you are looking to reduce your home’s heating or cooling costs, these insulated glass offers ideal energy efficient solutions. This capability if the window is due to the highly insulated framing systems and low-conductive spacers between glass panes that enhances the insulating potentials of a window.

The low-E glass is designed to protect your home from UV protection, without blocking the sunlight penetration.  This insulated window glass is comprised of factory-applied, thin-film coating or metal or metallic oxide that reduces heat transmission and cut energy costs up to 50 percent. You need not check Low-E feature individually, as now windows with low-E glass is a standard. In order to suit the different design requirements and climatic conditions, low-E glass comes in a wide variety.

However, you should make sure the insulated impact windows are properly installed to get the maximum energy and acoustical benefits. Once installed, these can be easily cleaned and maintained. Apart from energy efficiency capability, you can find windows that are hurricane resistant, impact resistant, burglar resistant and/or blast resistant.

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