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Contractor Score

The Contractor Score is an empirical tool derived from the contractor's documented and verified information. It is based on objective calculations without subjectivity or bias. The main goal of Contractor Score is to provide a concise gauge whereby customers may evaluate the short-term liquidity and management capacity of the contractor elative to its own needs. It is not a bond nor guarantee of performance. The emphasis is on liquidity, working capital, leverage and profitability of the most recent fiscal year and fiscal quarter as it relates to the existing backlog. Available funds contributing to the liquidity may be internal or external. Click here to read about the entire evaluation process.


Contractor Score of 2500


This financial information has been prepared by CONTRACTOR SCORE for the purpose of providing interested parties with general information about the Company. The data included was derived from the books and records of the Company. Although such information is believed to present fairly the history and business of the Company, CONTRACTOR SCORE does not make any representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of these financial metrics. CONTRACTOR SCORE, specifically, is only calculating data provided to CONTRACTOR SCORE by the Company. CONTRACTOR SCORE has, in no manner, attempted to verify the information provided to them.

Parties wishing to pursue business with the Company shall be responsible for the verification of any information upon which they may make any decisions.

The underlying financial information to Contractor Score is treated as confidential. The recipient shall use such information only for the purpose of evaluating conduction of business with the Company and not in any manner or for any purpose adverse to the interests of the Company. Contractor Score is in no way a guarantee of the company's future performance.

*Represents the maximum Contractor Score. The actual ContractorScore will be equal to or exceed 2500

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