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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure that the windows or doors that I am purchasing are impact resistant products?

To learn whether or not a product is considered impact resistant, ask your window dealer for a copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) issued by the Miami-Dade County.

If I install impact windows and doors in my house, how do I obtain insurance premium discounts?

In order to obtain the insurance discounts or credits for having impact resistant windows and doors, all of the house openings must be protected.

Are garage doors tested for impact-resistant compliance?

Yes, absolutely. Garage doors typically account for the largest opening in a building and are a critical component to the structural integrity of the building's envelope.

What is the U-Factor?

The U-Factor is a measure of how well the window or door keeps heat inside the structure or home.

Do hurricane windows and doors come in different glass colors?

Yes, hurricane windows and doors are available in a variety of color tints, including gray, bronze, blue and green.

What Exactly is an Impact Resistant Window?

Impact resistant windows are constructed by bonding a tough interlayer between two pieces of glass.

Do Hurricane Windows and Doors Lower Insurance Premiums?

Homeowners insurance is a necessity these days, but in Florida premiums aren't exactly low. At A-Christian Glass, we know that homeowners are doing everything they can to lower their insurance premiums. Do hurricane windows lower insurance premiums? They can! If you're looking for an effortless way to lower your premiums considerably, it's time to check out our hurricane windows and doors.

What Type of Hurricane Windows are Best for My House?

South Florida is a beautiful place to live, although it is susceptible to hurricanes and intense tropical storms. People no longer use plywood and other materials to protect their home when a hurricane is approaching. It's much more practical and far safer to install high impact hurricane windows. There are many different styles because no home or business is the same.

Should I Choose Frameless Glass Showers?

Bathroom redesign projects are filled with a lot of questions. Should I move the tub? Should I change the tile? Should I choose frameless glass showers? At A-Christian Glass, we know that frameless glass showers are the best option for bathroom designs. They're not just gaining popularity They're becoming the new standard for quality bathroom design. Wondering why frameless glass showers have gotten so popular? There are plenty of reasons! We've put together the top 5 features of frameless shower enclosures:

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