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Folding Doors

Your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle; your doorways serve as an invitation for family, friends, and neighbors to peek at your mode of living and the furnishings within your sanctuary. For those proud homeowners anxious to display their way of living, there is nothing quite as dramatic and eye catching as installing folding door systems for each entry to your house. Even more valuable is that, while improving the look of your home, you are increasing your property value through these improvements and upgrades.

Create Wide Vistas

Folding doors are practical, impressive, and can transform the ambiance of your home in more ways than one. Instead of solid walls blocking out sunshine and beautiful views, folding doors allow you to emphasize the beauty of your home through natural lighting and create a sense of integration between home and outdoors. With proper screens or curtains, you have control over the amount of light and view you wish to reveal and enjoy. As the sun moves across the sky, you can cloak or intensify the lighting in each area of the house; it's all in your hands to choose and control.

Extremely popular for homes fronting beaches and oceans, folding doors keep you in touch with the outdoors. Nothing is quite as dramatic and comforting as remaining cloistered within your house while enjoying the view of the ocean side, especially on stormy days with the waves dancing wildly with the blowing winds. And who needs or wants the Weather Channel when you can see the changing climate for miles through your clear glass folding doors? 

A Multitude of Design Options

Homeowners are pleased to learn that there are many options when adding folding doors in their homes. For the front entry, you may prefer folding doors that open in the middle, allowing for wider entry to the hallway and interior. However, people with backyards looking at the ocean often opt for folding doors with a glass swing door at one end of folding door panels; this allows for easy entry to the back, and on warm, breezy days it is perfect to open the remaining folding doors wide, taking in fresh air and clear views.

Because folding doors can contain as many panels as you wish, the only limit to what you can design is in your mind. On top of choosing the number of panels for each folding door entry, you are not constrained by heights and widths. You can choose panels ranging in height between 32 inches and 12 feet; widths also vary between 18 and 52 inches. The door thickness is a sturdy 2 1/4 inches and each panel can handle up to 330 pounds in weight (it should be noted that panels of maximum height and width could exceed the maximum allowable weight, so a calculated weight check should be performed on the largest panel size).

However, it isn't just the panel heights and widths you control when designing your new exterior doors; all exterior panel door frames come in one of three standard finishes (white, clear, or bronze). However, on top of the standard metal finishes, you can pick from 30 solid color finishes or 40 metallic coating finishes, all using custom powder coating. As if that isn't enough, you can select wood cladding on the interior side of your folding doors; once more, you are offered plenty of options with a menu of 40 custom wood grain finishes from which to choose.

Do not overlook your choices for locks, handles, and hinges. You can include the following accessories, along with color finishes for each item:

  • The classic Euro Series Lever Lock Set comes in stainless steel or bronze finishes
  • The popular Multi-Point Lock system is available in stainless steel finish
  • The Aluminum TwinPoint Swing Handle offers white, brushed satin, or bronze finishes
  • The Euro Intermediate Carrier hinges let you choose any finish: white, brushed satin, stainless steel, or bronze 

There are more choices to ensure that your folding doors completely fit the style and architecture of your house. Depending upon space availability, you can opt to have your folding doors open and close on an inswing or an outswing, that is they can fold towards the outside or inside of your home.

As you can see, with so many options homeowners gain complete control over the look and functioning of their folding doors.

Euro Wall Folding Doors - More Than an Awesome Look

Just by looks alone, many homeowners are drawn to the folding door style for their homes. However, the hidden features should not be ignored either. Built for safety and solidity, nothing has been overlooked to ensure that the Euro Wall folding doors knock any competition to the wayside.

Here is a short list of important features that your Euro Wall folding doors always provide...

  • All glass panels accommodate IG, laminated impact and IG impact glass - laminated glass reduces undesirable outside noises (car horns, engines, yapping dogs, etc.); combining it with an IG unit, noise is further muffled
  • Euro Wall folding doors boast the highest dp rating of any available folding door; a high dp ("design pressure") rating measures the ability to withstand wind loads (as affected by structural load, water resistance, and air infiltration resistance)
  • Euro Wall folding doors are Florida Product Approved and pass the stringent Florida Building Code with flying colors
  • The tallest folding doors (12 feet high) are HVHZ Impact Tested (HVHZ = High Velocity Hurricane Zone and is commonly used in hurricane zones like Florida)
  • All Euro Wall folding doors apply the strongest and securest weatherstripping designed to effectively and efficiently withstand the typically wild Florida weather conditions

Euro Wall not only offers these safety and comfort features as part of a standard installation, but they furthermore stand behind their products with a solid and long term 10-year warranty. Located in Florida, their folding windows have been constructed to meet the rigid Florida Building Codes and to stand up to the strongest winds and storms.

If you are ready to boost your home value by installing folding doors on all exterior entries, we are ready to help it happen. Contact us today and learn how easy and quickly you can upgrade your home and lifestyle!

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