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French Doors

French doors, also referred to as French Windows, Swinging Patio Doors, and Hinged Patio Doors, offer an enduring style and popularity that has lasted for decades. With its ability to invite natural lighting, fresh air, and a taste of sophistication into a home, impact resistant French doors are ideal for South Florida homes.

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Learn More About French Doors

There are multiple styles with which French doors can be constructed: while the traditional style of two doors swinging open from the center still is a popular choice, other options include a single hinged door, or one fixed door paired with a swinging door. In addition to its design, homeowners also appreciate their versatility.

Impact Resistant

Even with their elegant look, French doors can be constructed to be impact resistant, perfect for areas known for more extreme weather conditions.

Open Air

On beautiful days, particularly with a gentle breeze wafting fragrances from the gardens, being able to open wide the French doors allows the household to take advantage of the outdoor ambiance.

Energy Efficient

Even when weather is not conducive to wide open French doors, more sunlight streams through the glass panes naturally brightening the home with the added benefit of saving on energy costs with energy efficient glass.


Because of their large surface area, French doors can turn a plain home into one with style and a unique look while offering more entry space.

Improved Curb Appeal

In addition to enjoying the beautiful look French doors provide, they also enhance the curb appeal of your home which can significantly increase its market value.

Premium French Doors by JELD-WEN

At A-Christian Glass, we are proud to have partnered with JELD-WEN Windows & Doors, a top manufacturer of French doors. Beyond the overall look and function of French doors, the materials, colors, and finishes offered through JELD-WEN Doors & Windows give homeowners a wide range of choices and styles to personalize their doors to their specifications. Homeowners can choose from 7 different collections, each of which offer varied materials in multiple models and styles.


Architectural Fiberglass

Homeowners wanting an authentic wood finish but wanting the durability of fiberglass, find the Architectural Fiberglass collection of 57 models a popular choice, each with an array of options. The Architectural Fiberglass collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the medium price range.

  • Woodgrains - offers 6 woodgrains: Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Fir, Knotty Alder, Mahogany, and Oak
  • Colors and Finishes - with 30 colors and finishes, such as Amaretto, Hazelnut, Espresso, Mocha, and Coffee Bean matching to the above finishes
  • Glass - in addition to transparent, select from a variety of decorative glass designs, like Lexington, Harlo, Royston, and Riverton
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified - this collection offers ENERGY STAR qualified options intended to meet conserve energy

Popular Architectural Fiberglass models include:

  • 8-Panel Center Arch, All Panel - this all panel door provides complete privacy, employing 8 panels with a center arch artfully placed
  • 3/4 View Camber Top 1-Panel Glass Panel - the larger glass panel lets more lighting through, accompanied with one lower wood panel
  • 8 Ft. 1/2 View, 1-Panel 12-Light Glass Panel - the upper half provides a 3 X 4 glass grid, with one panel at the bottom

Authentic Wood

Those seeking authentic wood French doors will not be disappointed by the Authentic Wood collection featuring 18 models, again providing the homeowner with lots of options. The Authentic Wood collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the medium price range.

  • Woods - the Hemlock wood offers lighter coloring, while the Meranti Mahogany brings a deep earthy reddish-brown tone
  • Glass - both the clear and clear bevel glass are energy efficient, with the clear class consisting of two panes for greater energy savings
  • Hinges - offered in three metals, the brass brings a golden tone, the bronze a darker shading, and the nickel delivers the classic silver look

Below are some favored Authentic Wood models:

  • 5404 Glass Panel - featuring a 4-lite fan of glass panes on top with four raised vertically rectangular panels below
  • 5018 - 8'0" Glass Panel - this 8-foot door with 18 glass grids (in a 3 X 6 formation) takes advantage of the energy-saving effect of sunlight
  • 5010 Glass Panel - this 2 X 5 grid of larger glass panes also spans the length of the door, grabbing as much sunlight as possible

Design-Pro Fiberglass

The large Design-Pro Fiberglass collection of 147 French doors present real wood looks of mahogany (dark tone), oak (medium tone), or fir (light tone) woodgrains, while offering the advantage of durability and strength for which fiberglass is known. Besides the three wood finishes, these options offer extra individuality. The Design-Pro Fiberglass collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the medium price range.

  • Glass - with this collection, there are multiple glass types from which to choose:
    • Energy Efficient Glass - either clear or Low-E
    • Tinted Glass - perfect for locations known for bright climates
    • Protective Glass - impact-resistant to handle tough weather conditions, meeting Florida code requirements
    • Direct Glaze Glass - either direct glaze or Low-E
    • Privacy Glass - with three opacities: Double Glue Chip, Micro-Granite, or Rain
  • Divided Lites - allows for blinds between panes of glass; completely sealed, no dust accumulates, and no bugs invade
  • Construction and Framing - Impact resistant doors, with AuraLast Wood Frames and Design-Pro Construction, merges quality with strength

Some of the models in the Design-Pro Fiberglass collection are:

  • Oak 1/2 View Twin Blinds, 2-Panel Glass Panel - two long vertical glass panes, with blinds inserted, above two vertical wood panels
  • 8 Ft. Mahogany 1/2 View 1 Panel Glass Panel - this half-view glass pane atop one square panel is charmingly elegant in its simplicity
  • Fir 2-Panel Plank, Arch Top All Panel - for a simple, sturdy, country farm look, these high-definition panels supply more depth than most fiberglass doors

Smooth-Pro Fiberglass

The Smooth-Pro Fiberglass collection of 144 offers strength, durability, and attractiveness able to take on any color desired, primed, and ready to paint. Added options allow for further customization. The Smooth-Pro Fiberglass collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the medium price range.

  • Caming Finishes - five finishes are offered for the caming (the metal bonding fusing glass pieces together): brass, oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, satin nickel, and patina
  • Glass - this collection supplies a variety of glass options
    • Decorative Glass - a popular solution for doors where privacy matters, decorative patterns include Topaz, Paris, Oak Park, Greenfield, and Prairie Bevel
    • Energy Efficient Glass - offering double-paned transparent glass or Low-E glass, both proven and approved energy savers
    • Impact Resistant - for extreme weather climates, this glass can withstand windborne debris and other harsh coastal conditions
    • Privacy Glass - select one of three opacities: Double Glue Chip (most opaque), Micro-Granite (medium opacity), or Rain (least opaque)
  •  Divided Lites - opt for maintenance-free, fixed external grilles, coming in white, champagne, tan, or bronze

Popular models in the Smooth-Pro Fiberglass collection include:

  • Top View Sunburst 7-Light, 4 Panel - eye- and light-catching sunburst design of seven glass panes allows upper light above a vertically rectangular grid of 2 X 2 panels
  • Full View Oval Flush - choosing an oval design for the full view is a dramatic and impressive effect
  • 8 Ft. 1/2 View Blinds Pane, 2-Panel - opt for privacy or a view outside with the versatile and functional upper double pane with blinds, and a pair of vertical panels beneath

IWP Wood

Selecting the finest materials and handcrafted with an eye to duration and stunning beauty, the IWP Wood collection of 173 models gives the selective shopper plenty of choices to satisfy. Options for these all-panel French doors are many. The IWP Wood collection rates as moderate maintenance doors in the upper price range.

  • Wood Options - choose from 5 wood options (oak, walnut, cherry, alder, mahogany) or select the multi-wood option that mixes wood species from existing cabinets, woodwork, and furniture
  • Colors and Finishes - with 52 colors and finishes, the biggest problem is deciding from the wide range of choices
  • Hardware - both speakeasy doors and grilles can be added, along with concealed hinges in six finishes (brass, chrome, bronze, satin nickel, stainless steel, and black)

Attractive models are many, including these:

  • 252 All Panel - a symmetrical vertically curved pattern distinguishes this French door
  • 403 All Panel - featuring seven raised panels, with the center panel embellished with an ornate carving
  • W01M All Panel - the striking second-tone vertical stripe adds a modern flair while catching the eye

IWP Aurora Fiberglass

Those seeking luxury fiberglass, skillfully crafted, and high performing — while also perfectly mimicking wood — will find their quest fulfilled with the IWP Aurora Fiberglass collection of 45 models. Those with discerning eyes will appreciate these options listed below. The IWP Aurora Fiberglass collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the upper price range.

  • Finish Options - a menu featuring 25 finishes, 5 IWP Foundry finishes, and 3 sill finishes offers a good start
  • Panel Options - includes a distressed texture, hand-created with chisels and other hand tools randomly applied across surfaces
  • Speakeasy - add a speakeasy grille to filter out unwanted or shady characters, or just to see who rang the bell
  • Clavos - these replica bolt heads come in round or diamond shapes, either 1" or 1 3/4" diameter, and are hand-forged in either Rust or Dark Patina
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified - includes ENERGY STAR qualified options to help conserve energy

Samples of the Aurora Fiberglass models include:

  • A1209 All Panel - a 2 X 4 grid with speakeasy grille centered between the upper 2 X 2 grid
  • A250 Glass Panel - a dramatic effect is achieved with a half circle of glass in the upper section, further embellished by raised panels
  • A5037 Radius Glass Panel - a full glass pane with a broad selection of intricate patterns in a variety of iron look finishes


For the greatest strength, security, and durability, the Steel collection containing 113 models also brings affordability to the table for budget-conscious homeowners, while sporting an impressive set of options. The Steel collection rates as minimal maintenance doors in the lower price range.

  • Fully Primed - the doors are primed and ready to paint
  • Caming Finishes - select from brass, oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, satin nickel, or patina finishes for caming (metal bonding between glass pieces)
  • Glass - once more, multiple options exist for the homeowner, including:
    • Decorative Glass - maintain privacy while adding design with 15 decorative patterns including Cadence, Jacinto, Impressions, Greenfield, and Mohave
    • Energy Efficient Glass - pick either proven and approved energy saver, double-paned transparent glass, or Low-E glass
    • Impact Resistant - better than hurricane shutters, this glass also captures sunlight whenever possible
    • Privacy Glass - choose from three opacities: Double Glue Chip (most opaque), Micro-Granite (medium opacity), or Rain (least opaque)
  • Divided Lites - five grille styles with four grille colors creates many possibilities, including fixed external grilles, triple-glazed door glass blinds and grilles, or blinds between glass panes

Models to consider in the Steel collection include:

  • 1/2 View, 1 Panel - select from decorative glass designs for the upper half, with a square beveled panel underneath
  • 1/2 View 9 Light, 1-Panel Plank - the 3 X 3 upper glass grid and single panel plank invokes the classic external door look
  • 8 Ft. Full View Prairie Light - this full view prairie grille emanates an inviting feel even with the privacy glass option

Find the Ideal French Door

Homeowners have an expansive array of options when choosing a French door for their home, ranging in design, pricing, and materials. At A-Christian Glass, we are prepared to guide you to find the ideal French door for your home.

Call (561) 278-3385 to ask how we can help.

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