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A New Way to Open

Pivot doors are trending right now; these modern doors can be found in nearly every contemporary design magazine. Yet these unique doors are more than just a passing fad; they offer a stylish and more efficient way to open your home to guests and natural light. And because of their innovative construction, pivot doors can be significantly taller and wider than other door styles and require less effort to open and close than standard doors.

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The Advantages of Pivot Doors

With traditional doors, a larger surface area means a much heavier door; over time this burden can reveal itself through loose hinges and stressed door frames. Likewise, a larger traditional door increases the difficulty in opening and closing because of the excess weight that is involved.

Larger Than Life

Pivot doors are often larger than standard doors. Even though they weigh as much or more than their traditional counterparts, the pivot action makes opening and closing these doors nearly effortless. Also, pivot doors remain more balanced over time as they are held by pivot hinges on both top and bottom and are placed away from the edge of the door; this distance can vary, based upon the width of the door and preferences of the owner.

Open & Close Effortlessly

Thanks to the innovative pivot design, homeowners can now create much wider and taller doors than normal; a pivot panel can extend up to 12 feet tall! Widths can run from 3 feet to 8 feet wide, and thickness can span between 2 1/4 to 3 1/5 inches. Even with a maximum weight of 700 pounds, the largest and widest pivot doors are still easy for anyone to open and close.


Door Panel Materials and Finishes

The door panel is made from a combination of glass and aluminum and you can can choose from a variety of finishes: anodized, powder coat or Kynar (a resin with outstanding weather-resistant properties). Since the material is aluminum, you have a slew of color options from which to select. Below you'll find the standard aluminum panel finishes.

White Pivot Door Finish White
Clear Pivot Door Finish Clear
Bronze Pivot Door Finish Bronze
Black Pivot Door Finish Black

Door Panel Designs

Some homeowners choose a full clear glass panel framed with aluminum, others want alternating rows of aluminum and glass, and other owners go for a large lower glass panel. The design possibilities are without limit.

Euro Pivot Configuration Option #1
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #2
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #3
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #4
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #5
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #6
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #7
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #8
Euro Pivot Configuration Option #9


Even the handles and locks offer a variety of styles and finishes. The popular Euro Series Lever Lock set (a top and bottom shootbolt locking system) can be finished in either bronze or stainless steel; the classic pivot door pull handle also adds brushed satin and white to the finishing list. Adding ladder pulls to your pivot doors, ranging in length from 1 to 8 feet, are yet another option. 

Pivot Door Hardware

Additional Features

Pivot doors do more than look cool, their fundamental features make them the doors of the future.

  • Hydraulic Self-Closure System - for the convenience of the homeowner
  • Largest Impact Rated Panel Sizes - Euro Wall's pivot doors sized 12 feet tall by 6 feet wide are the largest to have ever been HVHZ impact tested and Florida Product Approved
  • Handles the Pressure - Euro Wall can claim the highest design pressure available for any impact rated pivot door
  • Durable Finish - the standard finish coating is AAMA 2605; this is the highest quality finish available
  • Florida Approved - the state with some of the wildest weather conditions approved these pivot doors for use in Miami-Dade HVHZ Zones, as well as approval from the Florida Building Code
  • Weatherstripping - these pivot doors use the highest quality and most effective weatherstripping for all frames and paneling
  • Robust and Safe - all pivot doors employ extruded aluminum 6063-T5 with door panel corner keys, enhancing strength and security
  • Drainage System - owners can add on a water management system that drains water away from the pivot door area (not a water rated door in Florida)
  • A Solid Investment - adding pivot doors that are aesthetically appealing (and weather-resistant, better protecting property) will certainly boost the property value, more than paying for their installation

Pivot Door Product Comparison

 Pivot Doors by Euro WallPivot Doors Compared to PandaPivot Doors Compared to SIW
Florida Product Approval   
Largest Impact Rated Size   
No Sill Needed   
Full 10 Year Warranty   
Water Control System   
Highest Design Pressure   
Multipoint Lock Option   
Standard 2605 Kynar Finish   
72" x 120" Impact Panels   
Wood Interior Option   
12' Impact Rated Door   
All Wood Clad Door Option   

Panda® and SWI Windows and Doors are Registered Trademarks and are not affiliated with Euro-Wall Systems, LLC. All data is based upon test results and Florida product approval submittals as of 7/2017. Euro-Wall products are designed and manufactured by Euro-Wall employees in Florida, USA.

Now that you know the benefits and value of pivot doors, we invite you to find out how easy it is to have A-Christian Glass install them in your home.

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