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Prepare Your Home

Stay Safe During Storms

Home Prepared with Impact Windows Before a Hurricane

Andrew, Wilma, Charley, Ivan, Frances, Dennis and Irma. These are all hurricanes that have hit the south Florida area, and these storms still resonate strongly with many people in the area. Hurricane predictions are always changing, but these major storms are a constant threat during hurricane season. When are you planning your hurricane preparation? At A-Christian Glass, we think that many hurricane preparedness plans could be improved. Don't spend your hurricane season running around franticly in the hardware store; with our hurricane windows already installed in your home, you are already prepared.

Traditional glass windows cannot withstand the force of even Category 1 or 2 hurricanes. Our hurricane windows include a sturdy inner layer of polyvinyl or polycarbonate. This strong inner layer is sandwiched between two sheets of glass or shatter resistant laminated glass. This means that though your windows appear to be only glass, they're actually reinforced with sturdy inner structures.

Our hurricane impact windows can resist high winds and heavy rains. In fact, we can even install hurricane windows that resist small and large projectile impacts. We even have windows that can resist Category 5 hurricane winds and debris. New hurricane windows will protect your home, your family, and your peace of mind.

Call A-Christian Glass at (561) 278-3385 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Hurricanes Are an Annual Concern in South Florida

South Florida Home Ready for a Hurricane with Impact Windows

South Florida is a beautiful area to call home, but it's not free from severe weather. Hurricanes are a yearly threat to this tropical paradise. At A-Christian Glass, we think that protecting your home from damage should be an effortless process. By installing impact resistant windows, you can keep your home and your family safe from strong winds and powerful weather. By utilizing the latest technology in impact resistant windows, you are protected.

Impact windows are an increasingly popular choice for home and business owners that understand the constant threat of inclement weather. A sunny morning can become a rainy afternoon before you know it, and major weather disturbances are always possible. If you've invested in quality high impact windows installed professionally by A-Christian Glass, there is no need to drop everything just to put up storm shutters. Instead, your home is already protected by strong impact windows.

At A-Christian Glass, we construct your custom impact window with true strength in mind. We offer two main types of impact windows , PRB or PET. For PRB impact windows, a strong polyvinyl is sandwiched between two strong panes of glass. Then, everything is tempered at 400 degrees to help the windows resist small projectile impacts.

If you're looking to bring resistance of larger projectile impacts, it's time to explore our PET impact windows. These windows have a core of polycarbonate that's sealed between layers of glass or strong laminated glass. We can help you choose the best type of impact windows for your needs.

Our experienced, professionally trained team at A-Christian Glass is proud to offer high quality impact windows in many different styles, shapes and sizes. We can customize your impact windows any shape or size of opening throughout your home or business.

Strong, Yet Beautiful Windows

Water Front Home Safe from a Hurricane with Storm Windows

At A-Christian Glass, we think that your impact windows should be more than just sturdy. We'll install your new windows with beauty in mind as well. We can create truly stunning windows that allow full light to enter, or we can tint windows to your preference.

Our impact windows will look perfectly natural and enhance the appearance of any style home, from traditional to modern designs. New windows will dramatically improve your home's curbside appeal while simultaneously providing safety from hurricanes and severe weather.

To learn more about our products, windows, and installation services, please call (561) 278-3385 to speak to one of our windows specialist.

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