Residential Services

A-Christian Glass works with many contractors on custom homes.

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Residential Services

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Custom Houses

At A-Christian Glass, we do it all. We keep a watchful eye on the process and direct each project to keep everything exactly as planned. No job is too large or too small for us.

We pride ourselves in working with business owners, construction managers and contractors from start to finish. Our philosophy has always been about relationships and commitment to our clients. We believe integrity and loyalty are the grounds for ultimate success.

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Working with the Best of the Field

A-Christian Glass is a full-service company for installing and replacement of interior and exterior glass doors and impact-proof windows in Delray Beach, Florida. From 1988, we have offered top-quality products and services for our customers and the community, even before and after several hurricanes and other weather systems


Our hurricane impact-resistant windows provide you with top-quality hurricane protection and clear views. You won't need to cover your windows during a hurricane, while also keeping a beautiful style at all times.


With the durability of impact glass, intruders will be unsuccessful in breaking into your home. Impact glass will not only create a shield for your home, but once cracked; the glass will stay intact, avoiding injury or clean up.


Our Low-E Glass product line will protect your home from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, without blocking the sunlight penetration, so you always have a great natural lighting in your house.


Protect your house from destructive winds with our impact-resistant windows. These windows are also the perfect solution to reduce outdoor noises and give you regular savings on energy bills.

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A-Christian Glass on Charge

Our goal is to provide the most aesthetically pleasing home protection solutions possible. With our hurricane windows and doors, you can protect your home from hurricanes, theft, sun damage, and high insurance premiums.

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A-Christian Glass

Experience Matters

Our experienced installation team takes precise measurements so your new windows and doors are a perfect fit. We are meticulous to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new impact resistant windows and doors.

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