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Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors remain a popular choice for homeowners because they offer an unparalled view while providing easy access to your home. At A-Christian Glass, we continue to see many clients opting for this wide-entry, impact resistant option for their homes.

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PGT, CGI, WinDoor Sliding Glass Doors

CGI Sliding Glass Doors

CGI Windows and Doors offers four different series of residential sliding glass door collections from which to choose; all of these series include an optional energy-efficient LoE 366 coating for an outstanding combination of visible light transmittance, thermal performance, and value.


Series 4130A

This sliding glass door collection delivers quality with a low price tag; even though inexpensive, the Sparta collection offers plenty of options to allow the homeowner to create a unique look for each sliding glass door installation. Starting with two different frame finishes (white and bronze), you are also provided with a choice of five glass tints: clear, gray, bronze, obscure, and mist.

The Sparta Collection also offers two- or three-track configurations (two-track frame depth of 5 inches and three-track frame depth of 7 inches) and accommodates door dimensions as large as 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall, with design pressures as much as +55/-65 PSF. You can optionally add keyed locks and apply muntins-surface (with a low profile exterior and a flat bar interior); additional features include extruded aluminum beads, stainless steel assembly screws, and a standard slanted waterbar adapter.


Series 7650

The Targa Collection can provide taller panels (maximum of 4 feet by 10 feet, or 5 feet by 8 feet for multiple track configurations) and features hidden installation screws with a dual point locking system. It also offers two frame finishes (white or two-toned bronze exterior with white interior) and eight glass colors: clear, gray, bronze, obscure, mist, dark gray, solexia, and rain.

Hardware includes interior locks and handles with dual-point mortise locks, and tandem stainless steel roller assembly, with additional options such as recessed and secondary locks, multi-panel by-pass and pocket styles, internal grills between glass, various sill risers, and oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

Estate Collection

Series 560

The Estate Collection offers a premium design and construction that puts these sliding doors in its own class, starting with sizes and configurations for both two tracks (handles a maximum of four panels) and three tracks (with a capacity of 6 panels) and panel sizes up to 5 feet by 10 feet. With seven stunning finishes (white, bronze, bone, clear anodized, mahogany red, walnut brown, and hazelnut brown) combined with eight types of glass (clear, gray, bronze, obscure, mist, dark gray, solexia, and rain) using either 1/2 inch lamination or 1 inch insulated lamination, the options for mixing and matches are nearly endless.

Standard hardware features include stainless steel fasteners, Class I clear anodized tubular aluminum sill (including internal drain chamber), and extruded snap-on glazing beads; optionally, you can add a water-resistant waterbar, 2-track screen system (for 3-track doors), muntin grids inside insulated glass, concealed aluminum reinforcing, and small missile resistance impact. This popular collection offers the most standard features and remains the preferred choice in elite homes and condominiums.


Series 150

Another affordable option, the Sentinel Collection, offers two- (4 panels max), three- (6 panels max), and four-track (8 panels max) designs accommodating window sizes up to 4 1/8 feet by 10 feet. Three frame finishes are offered (white, bronze, clear anodized) along with the full line of eight glass colors (clear, gray, bronze, obscure, mist, dark gray, solexia, and rain); owners can select either 1/2 inch lamination or 1 inch insulated lamination for the glass panels.

Other features include stainless steel fasteners, mitered decorative interior corners, 2-point locks, concealed installation screws, and Super View™ fiberglass mesh extruded screen. With extra options to add an exterior keyed lock and dual-track fiberglass mesh extruded screens for 3-track setups, this lower price model still delivers quality and style for the economically-inclined homeowner.

PGT Sliding Glass Doors

PGT is another award-winning manufacture and design firm; with their eight different sliding door models, you are sure to find a look that fits the needs and style of your home.

Scout Aluminum


With a maximum configuration of eight panels, the choice of two, three, or four tracks, and panel sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet, the Scout Aluminum model delivers both quality and style at a manageable price. These aluminum-framed non-impact sliding glass doors provide sturdy and reliable performance and come in four glass tints: clear, bronze, gray, and obscured texture (for the ultimate in privacy). The standard frame color of white can be switched for bronze if desired.

Thermal enhancements of argon gas and/or high performance low E are offered, with premium glass options of insulating or privacy glass, giving homeowners a variety of choices while keeping costs low.

ClassicVue Aluminum Essential


Offering a overall opening size with dimensions as large as 32 feet wide by 8 feet high (8 panels total), the ClassicVue™ Aluminum Essential model is used for by-pass doors, pocket doors, and countertop units, making it versatile in functionality while presenting a stylistic flair. Two color frames (white or bronze) combined with eight glass tints (clear, bronze, gray, green, azure blue, solar cool bronze, graylite II, and obscured texture) optimizes choices for the homeowner.

Screens types include 1816 charcoal or gray or 2020 screen mesh, with a premium heavy duty option available. Owners can choose between two premium glass options: insulating or privacy (obscured) glass, with argon gas (insulating only) or high-performance low E.

ClassicVue Max Aluminum Preferred


For a more dramatic view and style, homeowners have found the ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum Preferred model to deliver on its promise of wide expanses (up to 40 feet!); choose between greater height (10 feet high by 4 feet wide) or width (5 feet wide by 8 feet high) and configure from one to eight panels on a sliding glass door set. While offering the same glass tints (clear, bronze, gray, green, azure blue, solar cool bronze, graylite II, and obscured texture) and color frames as the Essential model, owners can install sliding glass doors in 90- or 135-degree corners and also use them as countertop units.

With three grid options, raised/flat, flat, or low-profile simulated divided lite grids, and the same glass enhancements (insulating or privacy, argon gas or high performance low E), your choices in look and design are greater than ever. It should come as no surprise that the ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum Preferred model was awarded the Crystal Achievement Award-winning design for Most Innovative Door.

ClassicVue Max Aluminum Premium


With the ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum Premium model, you step up to the top of this line. In addition to all of the features offered by the ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum Preferred model, every possible extra is included in this ultimate version. This means you can opt for a French-door look, include a 9 inch bottom rail with a dual-point locking mechanism, heavy-duty tandem rollers, with easy operation using fingertips alone. You also enjoy extra security through restricting the panels from being lifted off the tracks. Finally, with screen and door handle styles, you can create a truly personal look for your own home.

WinGuard Aluminum Preferred


The WinGuard Aluminum Preferred model offers everything the WinGuard Aluminum Vinyl provides plus more. Laminated impact-resistant glass is the standard option; ideal for 90- and 135-degree corners and countertop improvements. Also features hidden assembly and installation screws, producing the ultimate finished look.

EnergyVue Vinyl


The EnergyVue Vinyl model starts with maximum panel sizes of either 4 feet by 10 feet or 5 feet by 8 feet, with a potential uninterrupted view of 40 feet at the maximum 8-panel configuration. Choose from four frame colors (white, beige, black, or bronze) and eight glass shades (clear, bronze, gray, green, azure blue, solar cool bronze, graylite II, and obscured texture). This sliding door model employs heavy-duty tandem rollers making opening and closing panels easy enough to perform with your fingertips alone; choose insulated, tempered, impact-resistant, or privacy glass. Add screens, thermal enhancements, and recessed pull handles to create the sliding door to suit your tastes.

WinGuard Vinyl


Once again, you're given lots of options with the WinGuard Vinyl sliding glass doors. With views up to 40 feet wide possible (using 8 panels, each 5 feet wide), there is no need to limit your own vision of what you can do. Using either laminated insulated glass or tempered glass, choose from a full panel of eight glass tints and four frame colors. Configure as by-pass or pocket doors, safely secured with the dual-point locking mechanism that restricts panels from being lifted and removed.

WinGuard Aluminum Premium


The final step up in the WinGuard series, the WinGuard Aluminum Preferred model gives you the final say in style with their French-door look. With the extra choices in unique handles and a choice between a standard or box screen, you can have it all your way by going premium.

WinDoor Sliding Glass Doors

Another winning option available for homeowners are the sliding glass doors created by WinDoor, that offers four distinct models to satisfy the specific tastes and ideals of their clientele.

Series 7000

For those seeking pocketing and non-pocketing custom configurations, you will find it with this model. Its 5 1/2" narrow jamb depth on their 3-panel tracks are ideal for retro-market themes and designs. Multiple finish options are offered: white, bronze, clear anodized, Bermuda bronze, or Hatteras white are standard, but custom and two-tone paints are also on hand, giving you total control over coloring. Maximum panel size for this model is 5 feet wide by 8 feet, 2 inches high, with four glazing options: single glazed, monolithic impact, insulated non-impact, and insulated LM impact.

Series 8100

The WinDoor 8100 sliding glass door series gives you some big choices, including a huge 12 foot tall panel, 2 to 5 tracks, corner doors, pocketing and non-pocketing panels, and narrow and wide interlock options. Select from seven single color finishes or four beautiful woodgrains for a natural touch. Maximum sizes are 4 feet wide by 12 feet high or 5 feet wide by 10 feet high; using 9 1/16" laminated glass lets you go for a 5 feet wide by 12 feet high panel.

Series 9100

By employing a thermally broken aluminum technology that better insulates interiors to reduce energy bills, stabilize temperature ranges, and overall climate control, the WinDoor 8100 sliding glass door series may perhaps deliver the ultimate in sliding door features and benefits. On top of all the features the other WinDoor models deliver, add by-pass flush pull handles for both interior and exterior, choose your own custom-made handle, and accommodate panels as large as 5 feet wide by 10 feet high.

Sliding Glass Door Experts

A-Christian Glass is proud to be South Florida's one-stop sliding glass door sales and installation team. Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss how you can upgrade your house and your lifestyle with quality sliding glass doors.

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