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Window Replacement

Keeping your family and property safe from the inevitable hurricane season in Florida calls for the installation of impact resistent windows in your home. However it's not easy finding an answer to the question "How do I find a credible company near me to replace the windows in my home?" without first wading through a sea of web, blog, and social media content. For this reason, it is always prudent to do your window-shopping ahead of time.

Where can I hire a reputable window replacement company? And how will I know they are trustworthy before committing?

There is an endless supply of contractors in South Florida, but finding a flexible provider — one that accomodates any budget and will take smaller projects — is the real trick. A-Christian Glass is a company that has gained a reputation for prioritizing client safety while also ensuring our excellent services are available to everyone. So, no matter the size of your project or the specificity of your requirements, you can rest assured our technicians will exceed your expectations.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Window Replacement Company

Since impact-resistant window replacement is a major home renovation, installation, and replacement works, your search for a service provider should comprise of a strict filter-down procedure. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind:


Entrusting your window replacement project with unqualified or half-baked technicians is as good as doing it yourself, only less cost-effective. Always go for qualification and experience. Ask for proof of training and conduct in-depth scrutiny to ensure your candidates have a nodding acquaintance with the project at hand.


This should go without saying, but most homeowners settle for services without first examining their provider's service scope. A good impact window replacement company should have a nodding acquaintance with the different types of windows and how to detach and replace them. The technicians should be able to replace your beat-up windows without compromising your home's aesthetics.

Good Communication

If I were looking for impact window replacement near me, I'd certainly not ignore communication. A service provider's ability to deliver to specifications partially hinges on the ease of communication between them and their client. So ensure your provider not only makes it easy for you to contact them but also shows willingness to listen to everything you have to say. Rate them by how fast they reply to inquiries and their openness during consultations.


There is nothing wrong with ensuring your window replacement project is covered by a warranty. In fact, any service provider that believes in their work will voluntarily provide one and even flaunt it as a selling point. Always check warranties when comparing your candidates, particularly for huge projects. Some companies offer warranty coverage on the window itself; some do it on the installation; others offer both.


The internet has provided a great platform for marketers to hype their products however they wish. This is good for small businesses trying to compete on a more level playing field but potentially misleading to prospective clients looking for genuinely credible products and services.

Customer Reviews

It's always advisable to base your decisions on genuine customer reviews if you want to minimize the chances of hiring the wrong company. Window installation companies that get a combination of the most reviews and highest ratings should get the nod.

Why You Should Hire A-Christian Glass

A-Christian Glass is one of the most trusted hurricane impact resistant window companies in South Florida. So, what gives us the edge on our competitors? Why should you choose us? If you are still struggling with the question of "how to find a reputable company that offers window replacement near me", then here are more reasons A-Christian Glass is the answer you are looking for.

We Provide the Windows and the Installation

The hassle of finding impact windows and installation services from more than one company may prove overwhelming for someone who has other things to do. A-Christian Glass lets you get everything you need for your project by just making a single phone call. And just so you know, getting project supplies and installation services from the same company is significantly more economical.

We Prioritize Safety

Regardless of your budget or project size, the safety of your family and property should always be paramount. A-Christian Glass shares those sentiments. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure that window replacements are fitted securely and that your family's well-being is given priority both during and after installation.

We Clean Up

Window installation can leave behind a lot of clutter, but you don't have to worry about that if you have A-Christian Glass by your side. Besides providing free post-installation inspection services, we have always ensured to clean up our mess and leave our clients' homes as clean as we found them.

Window Replacement Near Me

Finding a company that offers quality "window replacement near me" is a major undertaking, especially if you are looking to reinforce your windows with hurricane-resistant units. A-Christian Glass offers you the chance to get the best installation in South Florida.

Call (561) 278-3385 to ask how we can help.

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