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Impact Resistant Windows

Call (561) 278-3385 to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate to have hurricane impact resistant windows installed in your home. We will come to your location to take precise measurements of the existing windows in your house so you will know the exact price of your new windows; there are no hidden fees or extra charges.


Hurricane Rated Impact Windows

All of our storm windows meet or exceed Miami Dade standards, so you and your family can enjoy the added protection and the energy saving benefits that our laminated glass windows provide. When a hurricane is approaching, the last thing anyone wants is to cover their windows with shutters and turn their home into a dark space. With older glass windows, keeping shutters off of your windows was never a possibility due to serious safety issues.

At A-Christian Glass, we're working to make both hurricane protection and clear views a reality. With our top quality impact resistant windows, you can protect your home without covering your windows.

Improve the Value and Safety of Your Home With Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Resistant Window in Intracoastal Home

Hurricane impact resistant windows are a great investment for homes and businesses alike. These windows bring 24/7 storm protection, meaning you'll enjoy damage resistance throughout the year. At A-Christian Glass, we work with top quality PGT windows and doors. These sturdy doors and windows are held in vinyl or aluminum casement, bringing beautiful style and sturdy construction.

When you live in South Florida, you need to make sure your home or office is protected. We often have to deal with strong storms and hurricanes. Hurricane windows and doors don't have to be bulky and ugly, you can get customized and stylish hurricane windows that suit both your style and your budget.

Our team at A-Christian Glass has the hightest quality impact resistant windows avaialble and ready for installation. Contact us today to learn how we can install the best hurricane windows for your home or office.

What Makes a Impact Resistant Window Stronger

At A-Christian Glass, our impact resistant windows are the strongest in the industry. We utilize a multi-layered system for our hurricane windows. Impact resistant windows are created by layering a sturdy membrane between panes of glass. The inner and outer layers of glass or vinyl create a perfect frame for the window's inner-structure. The windows are strengthened with an inner-core of sturdy membrane that resists impacts, winds and damage. And if the exterior vinyl or glass is damaged, the inner layer prevents further damage.

Combining Style with Safety

Hurricane windows need to be sturdy, but they also need to look good. At A-Christian Glass, we only install the most beautiful hurricane impact windows. Our windows improve the look of any home, regardless of style. In fact, they're a great upgrade for your existing windows. Our hurricane windows look like traditonal windows, only better. This is because our team at A-Christian Glass brings stylish designs into our installations, helping upgrade your property while adding serious storm protection.

Our hurricane windows are also great home security; they are not easily broken by the brute force many home intruders attempt to use. To learn more about all of the many benefits of our impact hurricane windows call (561) 278-3385 to speak with one of our window specialists.

Create a More Secure Home

As a homeowner, you can protect your investment not only from hurricane damage, but also from intruders! With the durability of impact glass, intruders will be unsuccessful in breaking into your home. The durability of the "sandwiched" layers will safeguard your home against forced entry with objects such as metal, bats, hammers, and other tools which may be used. While standard single pane glass will break into large sharp pieces, Impact glass will not only create a shield for your home, but once cracked; the glass will stay intact, avoiding injury or clean up.

Our hurricane windows are also great home security; they are not easily broken by the brute force many home intruders attempt to use. To learn more about all of the benefits of our impact hurricane windows, call (561) 278-3385.

Impact Resistant Windows are an Investment

Hurricane Impact Resistant Window in Bathroom

A one time investment on energy efficient glass windows gives you regular savings on energy bills. This is a clever way to save money and protect your home from destructive winds. Also known as double glazed windows and double pane windows, these windows are the perfect solution to reduce outdoor noises. When you purchase Florida hurricane windows check if they are insulated properly. Lower heat penetration, makes the insulated glass energy efficient. Besides, it ensures comfortable living during extreme climate conditions, outside.

It is necessary to install energy efficient impact windows for South Florida homes, as these areas are worst hit by hurricane storms. Coupled with the advantages of energy efficiency, noise reduction and UV protection, these windows caters to the diverse requirements of homes. To meet the demanding needs, the market features a range of high performance windows with insulating double- or triple-paned glass and low-E coatings have cut U-factor ratings. Whether you are looking to reduce your home's heating or cooling costs, these insulated glass offers ideal energy efficient solutions. This capability if the window is due to the highly insulated framing systems and low-conductive spacers between glass panes that enhances the insulating potentials of a window.

The Advantages of Low-E Glass

Hurricane Impact Resistant Window in Waterfront House

The low-E glass is designed to protect your home from UV protection, without blocking the sunlight penetration. This insulated window glass is comprised of factory-applied, thin-film coating or metal or metallic oxide that reduces heat transmission and cut energy costs up to 50 percent. You need not check Low-E feature individually, as now windows with low-E glass is a standard. In order to suit the different design requirements and climatic conditions, low-E glass comes in a wide variety.

However, you should make sure the insulated impact windows are properly installed to get the maximum energy and acoustical benefits. Once installed, these can be easily cleaned and maintained. Apart from energy efficiency capability, you can find windows that are hurricane resistant, impact resistant, burglar resistant and/or blast resistant.

Impact Windows Pay for Themselves Over Time

Impact windows provide energy efficiency to your home. New windows will help to keep the cool air inside your home, and the hot air out. This will assist in reducing how hard your air conditioning or heater has to work to raise or lower the interior temperature, generating lower electricity costs. Window coverings may assist in keeping the sun's heat out, but can darken rooms. Impact windows allow heat reduction with the benefit of allowing natural light inside your home.

Not only do impact windows help lower utility bills, they also filter up to 99% of UV rays. Exposure to ultraviolet rays overtime can cause fading to carpet, furniture, and other interior décor. Because impact windows will reduce the exposure of these UV rays, your valuables will be protected longer and increase their longevity.

Types of Impact Resistant Windows We Offer

  • Single or Double-Hung Windows
  • Casements
  • Horizontal Roller Windows
  • Fixed Glass Windows

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